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About us

Ophtop Medical Company was established in Istanbul-Turkey in 2013. The main goal of company establishment is production and trading of Medical equipment and devices. The unique product which has been manufactured and presented to the market is indeed one of the most applicable machines in today ophthalmology called “phaco vitrectomy” system. Phaco vitrectomy machine is one of the most efficient and important devices which is daily used for millions of cataract surgery worldwide. Ophtop Phaco vitrectomy machine is a state of the art unit which is applied complicated cataract surgery. A dual pump venturi plus peristaltic system associated with a dual linear multi-functional foot pedal enhances the surgical outcomes. We are hardly working to complete this unique system to be launched to the market very soon. Our R&D section is also working on the other tools and devices which are very necessary in eye treatment. With this idea we hope to be one of the successful medical devices manufacturers in Turkey as well as the region very soon.